a letter for lucy

Lucy, oh speaker of the truth.  I did not want to rant and wave my cyber fist all over fb but you are right about one thing emphatically–pedophiles are very expressly crafting their message on the success of the homosexual movement.  If you look at the language of pedophile groups (why this is possible in the first place is a rough question mark)  they openly adopted language that echoes pr surrounding expansion of marriage rights.

  I dont have the stomach to discuss pedophile terms or organizations but they are out there and they are aggressively determined to normalize pedophilia.  If we see an expansion of the definition of marriage we will see the next frontier move out quickly in two directions–lowering (considerably) the age of consent and polygamy,

 I sincerely hope that the homosexual community in toto would help fight efforts by pedophiles to co-opt their campaign. i have to say that my friends who are gay have been uniformly kind, generous and supportive while the reactions we have received from the Christian community have been mostly very painful,  I repeat that again, mostly very painful with a minority of kindness and support. 

I hope everyone will read this carefully–I have watched and been grateful for a society that a guards the dignity and personhood, the right of safety and equal rights for people who are GLTB,  I wish my children had that kind of support as sexual assault survivors.  Most abuse victims suffer alone. 

I think it would and should take a combined effort by all of us–gay or straight to help keep children safe and I have been grateful, very grateful for every single person who has offered their kindness or support as we try to survive what C did to all of us.


5 thoughts on “a letter for lucy

  1. I believe that expanding the rights of marriage to gay adults would help improve the lot children. I believe recognizing gay rights would help to close the circle: marriage for (two) consenting adults. Gay youth often feel they need to hide who they are, and this silence and lonliness make them more vulnerable to the selfish manipulation of others — a stalking, preying abusers. Who can imagine all the reasons why gay youth are so much more prone to depression and attempted suicide. Acceptance, love, and civil rights shed light where there is darkness.

    • I tend to agree. Like I said, my only concern is the next wave–lowering consent? Group marriage?

      Can think of at least one lesbian couple whose relationship would rival mine/be a great place for kids. Just wish there was more systematic review of the big legal implications. What is next?

  2. Children are vulnerable in traditional families, in nontraditional familes, in foster families, in institutions… In a school district where I worked, I felt we were all encouraged to stay alert, not to assume. Even so, it’s hard for the mind consider “the horrible.” At this moment, I’ve decided to trust my instinct about someone I know… I don’t have any real sense of why I don’t trust smiley, generous, friendly so-and-so (a hetero married father), but until I can put my finger on it, I’m going to go with my gut and keep my kids away. On the other hand, the older male couple next door: never raised a red flag for me.

    One of your readers a few posts in the future of this one said he/she let her kids practice yelling and screaming for help. I like this idea. We might try it tonight. 😀

    Sorry for all the non-sequitors! 🙂

    • Yes. Emphatically yes. It seems to me that for a thousand obvious reasons my life has a before/after split based on what C did, but the revelation that status quo is to know the abuse is there and ignore it– that was the truly shocking revelation.

      • Yes to instinct and shouting. I have to admit that I have known several identified pedophiles and never got a weird vibe. I would say if you get a vibe trust it but a healthy paranoia is good also–which means frequent talks with the kids about what they do, who they play with, etc. Also why I tell everyone to use our story–we are afraid of scaring or scarring our children with rough stories, but the sharks are in the water…

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