mission school abuse

this day is dedicated to all the children who were  molested at a christian school, in a church or rectory, by anyone in a clerical or teaching position, all over the world thousands of children have been raped, intimidated, horribly abused under the name of Christ.

If we call ourselves Christians we have to do something or else expect judgment

Matt 18

not our reputations.


2 thoughts on “mission school abuse

  1. I know of someone who was a preschool aid at her local church. She discovered that the church had hired a released pedophile as their janitor. The janitor worked hours that overlapped with the preschool hours. At any rate, the church did not release information about this janitor’s past. She revealed that she knew the situation and voiced her concerns to the preschool director. She was promptly fired.

    • Yep. We have been hounded by a church we served then left over an identified pedophile. Unbelievable!! I do truly believe the church does more to enable sex offenders than protect children. We are worried about our “brand” instead of the truth. May God judge us and protect our babies. Steams me, of course…

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