Dear Mr. Ford,

I am honored by your comment but I believe you may want to re-read my post.  I roundly support all the Pitcairners who have been the victims of abuse on Pitcairn Island.  Let me say that again as clearly as possibly–EVERY LAST CHILD WHO WAS SEXUALLY ABUSED ON PITCAIRN OR ANY OTHER PLACE ON THE PLANET IS IN MY PRAYER.  I support the victims with my whole heart and want them to know that they are in my thoughts and prayers.

That being said, any person who compensates for or excuses the sexual abuse of children should be aware that there are no excuses for this behavior and that it is illegal.  I think that the men who were prosecuted got a slap on the wrist and that your making excuses for the rape of children is a disgrace.

I agree with the British government.  Children should be protected on Pitcairn Island and everywhere else on the planet for that matter..

I look forward to your thoughts on this.



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