Treasure and love

I  am holding my youngest child.  He, like all humans, is precious, but he is especially dear to me.  I think, how do people who do not believe in God handle the uncertainty of loss?  I can barely stand it and I know that God loves my little ones, holds them dear.

But then I have also experienced loss…almost unbearable.

I think it is a  little like this–imagine you owned the Mona Lisa.  Imagine that there was a growing group of people who asserted that it was worthless, just a waste of oil and pigment.  But you believed.  You believed it was the work of a genius, a one of a kind miracle of human art.  People scoffed, but you believed.  But you also worried.  What if someone took it?  Destroyed it?  What if something happened to it? 

Then you find out about the most wonderful insurance policy.  Not only will the insurer offer to cover your loss, he does it for free (because he is a huge Leonardo fan!!) and he does not insure it for money–he guarantees the restoration of the original.  No matter what happens you get Mona back, better looking, more vivid and more valuable than ever before.

That is not so much an analogy of the workings of faith.  It is analogy for the love of a perfect Parent.  It is a picture of Divine Love holding us close, his masterpieces, insured against loss.

Again.  Let me be explicit. You read this?  You are his masterpiece.  Do not let that kind of love slip through your grasp…


3 thoughts on “Treasure and love

  1. I don”t know, EL. To give my best non-religious-person answer, I’d say when dealing with painful or fearful things, I rely on kind, wise, empathetic and loving people. Bigger, better, sturdier people than I am. The kind of people who would call someone a “masterpiece” and believe, unquestionably, that it was true. 🙂

    And I want my children to be surrounded by those kinds of people. And I want them to grow up being those kinds of people. I want those kinds of people to be in our schools, in our legislature, in our boardrooms, everywhere.

    • Wonderful picture with sturdier–Valkyries saving the day:)
      This post was the result of two separate dialogues- one with an atheist who I trust implicitly and the other with C. Who professes a belief in God which does not bear up under scrutiny. It would be easy to hate and reject C but the masterpiece analogy–rooted as it is in the Christian belief in resurrection keeps me focused on the impossible transformation. As he is now he is a dangerous liar and predator, but resurrection–well that would be a different C.

      He spends a lot of time trying to convince people he is changed, but he is definitely not:(

      • My thoughts went immediately to psychopaths, sociopaths, and narcissists. What can change these people–make them believe in the idea of person as masterpiece? Broken forever?

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