mental self-defense (especially for children)

I interrupt my regularly scheduled series on profiling pedophiles to talk about…


when rudeness is the right thing to do.

I was talking to someone about protecting children from a dangerous person.  The adult admonished the children to be polite because it was the “right thing to do.”  I was a pain in the a…. and argued.  I told my friend you have to train your kids to deal differently with bad guys.  Sometimes rudeness and even simple assault is the right thing to do–if you are defending yourself from a bad man.


I am haunted knowing that we were all held capitve for years by the bad man.  My children’s politeness, all of our polite training aided his criminal behavior.  Tell your children that if someone is trying to hurt them they need to fight back, make a scene, be rude, be angry, call attention to the situation, cry out, call the police.  We must practice fighting the bad man or the bad person the way we would tell our children how to survive a fire.  Our children should be safe, not polite and subjected to abuse.  Be loud.  Teach your children when to BE LOUD!


2 thoughts on “mental self-defense (especially for children)

  1. Absolutely true! We practiced yelling in the backyard with our girls. We always said “yell” if a stranger tries to take you , but then I realized they were too shy to yell without some practice. Don’t just tell kids what to do in the situation. Practice a couple of times!!!

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