dawkins, gervais, and mythologies

So….the atheists I know have gods.  They tend to be egoism and stimulants, pride, and vanity along with other garden variety idols.  I find these side roads into idolatry particularly sad when dealing with atheistic myopia.

I wonder, do they really not see how important it is for the world to revolve around them?  When you are an atheist this is particularly sad because your life (by your faith’s disposition) has no more significance than a bit of plastic jetsam swirling around in the Pacific.  Idolatry of a plastic toothbrush, let’s call it.

By contrast there is Jesus.  His words are deep, warm, incisive, ironic, profound, and true, often all at once.  His voice resonates over the course of recorded history.  He is the antithesis of egoism.  There is no, “and then Jesus sat down to a satisfying breakfast of fried eggs” verse in the Bible.  There is some interesting stuff about Him NOT eating and casting out demons…oh, and raising the dead.  The dead.

His smallest words matter.  His weeping, His silence, His unbearable pain.  And then there is His advice–keep the eternal, lay up treasure that will not rust or rot.  He shows us how this is done

by dying to our egos and ourselves

by purchasing with our money, our time, and our hearts

treasure in Heaven.

treasure in Heaven…

What does God treasure?


we are His precious treasure

and just in case we did not see it, He makes His mark on the center of the map of human history

with a Cross



2 thoughts on “dawkins, gervais, and mythologies

  1. I guess I am addicted to a stimulant… Coffee every morning OR ELSE. It is interesting to note that people who believe they are called to Jesus can interpret this as a calling to do amazing things, horrible things, or nothing. I’m not sure that this is much different from athiests, actually. ??

    • Well…I tend to not count coffee, tea, or mate:). I was referring to a general tendency in the brashly evangelically atheist to claim a general superior attitude on the “crutch” of faith and then not come completely clean on how they handle the fear of death or extinction.

      Also. To be fair, I am more annoyed with useless Christians than egotistical atheists (Think Pullman and Dawkins here, not the garden variety…). I mean, from my pov the joy of atheism has to be the stimulants and the ego, right? The only problem is, I would have lived a completely different life without God. I wonder, who would be insane enough to foster and adopt the mentally ill w/o God?

      What is the answer to pedophiles if there is no God? No justice? And love is just a chemical illusion?

      I don’t need Dawkins to lecture me on etiology. I need him to adopt Charles.

      I need to see gervais build a wall of safety around the victims of abuse

      I would like to see Neil degrasse Tyson foster some neglected kids.

      My atheist brother in law told me that my problem was I needed more humility.

      Jesus gives me traction, shelter, and answers.

      What does Philip Pullman give me beside? Disdain… Does not effect justice

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