A free speech issue

A woman on a plane objects to forced proximity to pornography and is told she has no support.  She must endure another person’s objectional material.  Which is, btw, degrading and offensive to women.

No one comes to her aid, and the NYTimes walks on egg shells when they report it.

A respectable American businessman who practices fair, nondiscriminatory hiring and follows his conscience in his business is vilified because he has the temerity to exercise his first amendment right to say he supports a traditional view of marriage.

Guy has a right to talk


The truth is that one of the major reasons the marriage argument is huge and important is that millions of Americans live in fear because of hate.  Hate kills, maims, tortures, intimidates, and dehumanizes people.  Just because of their sexual identity.

No person in this country should have to hide who they are because they are afraid of violence.

No person should be the target of violence because they are gay or transgendered.

We have to start with that.

We have to build from the ground up.

Love requires it.


2 thoughts on “A free speech issue

  1. I am very, very surprised by the incident on the plane — from the viewing to what appears to be many people’s (most people’s?) annoyance at the complaint. “Rated PG-13” is a reasonable enough standard for public consumption of movies on a plane, wouldn’t you think? Perhaps folks feel the urge to be “cool” with pornography in public since so many partake in private? Then again, there are many things that *everyone* does… in private, that I’m sure wouldn’t be tolerated on a plane. How about visiting the plane loo with the little foldy-door open? C’mon everyone, why so uptight? Haven’t you seen a man about a horse today? Ridiculous…

    • Lol. Yes. Let’s go with men about horses at least!!! Also. I have read enough kvetching from the childless about kids on planes that I am annoyed that the porn would be more accepted than kiddos


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