Bad night…

It started with the baby tossing a new testament into the toilet. It went downhill from there. Everyone has times when they feel hopeless, when they feel lost. I write this, but I don’t know, some people seem pretty darn self-confident.

Sometimes I wish I could unspool things, undo them, un-live them. I cannot, so instead I write about them to attempt to make sense of them. Sometimes it goes so dark even writing feels futile–no one is listening, no one cares

About what? Inappropriate magazines at grocery checkouts. So bad I avoid taking my kids to the store. I complained, others have complained. The magazines got worse. The store is owned by Christians

About what? My son looked for his favorite PBS show on yahoo video and was sent to a page with two clips from the show and an array of hard core porn. I complained but what good will it do?

Really. I believe that no child in this country should be exposed to porn of any kind and I feel like a voice in the wilderness.

This is an election year. Is anybody listening? Does anyone care? Our children are not safe in the grocery store, at church, looking for educational shows in their own homes. Our children are not safe.

Oh, and the new testament? Jesus descended into hell before for me. He knows the territory. He knows what He is doing.

He knows this stuff hurts…

Like hell.

2 thoughts on “Bad night…

  1. E–I read them all. Sometimes your thoughts are so deep that I don’t have time to respond in kind. 🙂 But I read them. All.

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