The Pittsburgh painted dogs

I like to think there is a multiverse somewhere where African painted dogs gorge themselves exclusively on dandelions.

And another where a hapless mother keeps her grip.

And another where the boy stays away from the railing.

But in one multiverse everything happens the same except there are no lawyers and the adults are very brave.

It is as though they had been training for this their whole lives! They spring Into action.

One adult shepherds the children away.
One dials 911
One hollers for the zookeepers

And every other able bodied human leaps over the rails and starts punching
Wielding sticks
Whacking wild dogs with cell phones
Loose change

In the wild brouhaha that ensues one of these brave souls pulls the child away quickly

Hurt, but still living.

We don’t believe in these brave, fictitious people

Because we are unwilling to be them


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