Human Value, eternal value

I went to a very nice garage sale–antiques, baroque paintings, wool rugs, impressive.

I found several sets of nesting dolls. I had a nesting doll when I was a kid. I had a very limited collection of toys so the Russian doll and her brood were always major players.

One set of dolls yesterday at the sale was a vividly painted set of irregularly shaped dolls-wider spherical base, smaller head.

Really amazing find at 5 dollars.

Then a lady came up to me and told me she really wanted the doll.

As a God-follower I knew I needed to assert her value over the doll, so I handed it over (a little ruefully).

When I still spoke in church I played a warm-up game sometimes. I would tell people to get out their change and either ask each other for the change or actively try to give their coins away.

In one version of the game you want the most stuff, in the other you want to give it all away.

I know which set of rules applies in the value of life–both.

Collect the treasure of love as much as possible.

Give away the things that won’t last.

Jesus says to hoard the treasure of heaven.

What does God treasure?

Love and us.


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