Is Your Child Safe in Public School?

Sometimes I just don’t want to write stuff. This is one of those posts–

The scene was described to me. It is compelling and comes from an impeccable source, but I did not see this happen–

A high school girl is at the center of a tableau in a public school. At least one educator is present as well as students. Her foot is held captive by a boy who has a specialized diagnosis and a foot fetish. He gains gratification from holding the girl’s foot. So no one removes him or stops him.

I would call this sexual battery and would raise a ruckus if it happened to my child. But unfortunately it is not an isolated incident.

Three related stories from three separate public schools involved similar incidents of sexual conduct during a school event or on school property.

No charges were filed in any of these incidents and to my knowledge no disciplinary actions were taken.

My thoughts?
No comment.


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