Love Don’t Say

love don’t say

Whatevs, Girl

Love plays for keeps

Wraps itself around the words and places where you been

Leaves the have out on purpose

Because when you were young, you…

But when you are old you will..

Know this loss

Feel what it is

To not be found

Without you, Girl


“Completely Legal”

when discussing


I find that it is best to begin

With scenes (at least a single scene)

Of domestic tranquility–

A sister reads a children’s story to her little brothers who have memorized the words. ¬†They punctuate the story with lines of dialogue and laughter…


If you do not see them–real




Then you won’t understand the tragedy when they go missing

Completely legally, of course

The voices in support of holocaust of one sort or another are always quick to point out

Everything they did to destroy the wee ones was completely legal

–The stripping of their rights

–The dehumanizing monikers

–The methodical pillaging of their history, family, identity

–The medical framing of their naked deaths

–The sanitized commodity of their skin, blood, stems, and cells

–The clinics where they do their tinkering


Tiny pieces

–All government sanctioned

–Legal to trade in and cultivate small


Tell me again


Piles of skin and hair and blood

Can be so..

Bought and sold.

Where was the conference room? In what hotel?

They served a light

Lunch/over the topic

How to separate the spine of a…

living soul

The way a man would gut a fish