About Elea Lee

Former foster parent, adopting parent, writer, educator committed to child advocacy and providing safe places for children and abuse survivors.

Why Would I Leave the Sea?

Two kids on a borrowed dock, I push away saying going to look for turtles who should be there, noses just visible, green leaves breathing in and out. Can’t find them today-swim back, watch leaves drift tiny rafts on water cups the sky, reflect the blue sky, deep green water you laugh, lift your head back, river-legs-dock-children-trees-hill-home.


One Million Daisies

She has been a cloud, a curved white wave, a story from a picture, the daughter who won’t answer back, reminder of all I have lost, world is full of daisies, I could find one now, on hands and feet in the night. They are common things, hands and feet in the dark, looking for lost flowers, people we always knew we needed. One million daisies, little flower faces, pushed to rough angles by this lion’s wind, breathing us into impossible life.

Nina and the Russian Brides

Like you I dread

The cascade of terrible deals waiting each day in the junk folder of a yahoo account

Offers for things I don’t want, need, fear

Including Nina’s daily offer of

Gorgeous Russian brides

(Which raises so many questions)

I decide to believe

They are all nesting dolls

With the hopefully-hypothetical Nina the biggest mama doll

Seamed at the waist so

Each smaller iteration can come out

With her own

Painted-on wedding dress, bouquet of flowers

in a line they become their own wedding procession

Waiting for Someone to breath on them

Immortal life

Making us all real.

Reflective Light

Whether before or after the flock of cranes fly upstream at dusk, the moon catches its own face in the watercup waves

One three-quarter cameo dances into many

silvery-petalled-moons spun from the

Streaming coattails of a brooding sun

who has just


up the river bank, across the burnished rooftops, past the crayoned, arbitrary horizon

Good-bye he said, over broad, burning shoulders,

leaving me all this lovely

reflective light.