Calvarium 8

All my injunction are sinuous at 3 a.m.  Will pay tomorrow for this singular inability to sleep now for the child is sick and I must watch over her.

Vigil, promise not to go.


Cry Fire

her voice is metallic-insistent-succinct 

Fire! Fire! Fire!

Thank God she is there

10 dollar angel

suspended above us while we sleep 

…when we sleep

You know it took me years to know You did that 

And then years again to know few others did.

Vigilant love, calling us out of darkness

where angels who watch over us if we 

had eyes to see

Always resemble the Firstborn

Fill the sky with light

Ring the children with wings and eyes

And teach them how to vanquish

Implacable darkness 

with words of supplication 

to the fierce Unstoppable 

God of Light.

The world has eyes 

he says soon we will 

Wear rings and bracelets

(Homing pigeons? Sea turtles?)

…to pay for things 

But only until the computers can all sort our faces-

Eye scans and fingerprints

the world has changed forever when

You can see the

faces of people in the cafes of Helsinki

Day or night 

The world has eyes 

Ezekiel’s concentric circles

Assure the insomniac

Someone is always wide awake 

On the streets of Helsinki.