Half-eaten Plum

I have tried to write us into the third person for this Passover mitzvah

He for you, she for me

“Do you take this man? Do you take this woman?

Some iteration of a

long-ago covenant made and broken in a garden

Careful to avoid her gaze as you give her sour fruit

Mixed with all the other intentional elements of our redemption


Days before the Passover lamb, John the Baptist mends her long robe, pours oil over wounds with words which make sense only to the dead, faith the fire we warm our hands by,

Let me in, let me in says the moon and the wind, let me in to the stillness of everlasting, as even now the children begin to

Lay down their outer garments, their palm branches, as we all sing, hosanna, blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.

We are close now, so close .