The hole in the centerĀ 

forgive me for that day in September when I wrapped you in a Mao-green papoose

Indescribable light 

I understand we are only metaphors



For feral mother love 

Howl at the moon

Stalk the night forest

Accost the brothers Grimm

With the spindle-pierced grief 

Through sinew and heart

I held on as long as I could

Then looked for you on each horizon

She-wolf helpless

Caught in the trap

Of human law


Look for you in every crowd

Words betray only the barest threads of love

“A mother for a child”

You must know I always

Wanted to keep the possessive

Pronoun “mine”

In our relationship

They took that from us

Let me see how

These tiny seeds of faith

Could move mountains 

Losing sight of light to find it

Time makes

Trees from seeds/

Holes in the arms of love

I look for your face in every crowd

And the pictures you post to the world

Of a baby I once held 

So dear, beautiful girl

So always, always dear